De Driesprong Yachtcharters MG 1975
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General provisions Yacht rental

These conditions apply to all agreements that have to do with renting or hiring out yachts.

Article 1

If you have paid via the internet at the time of the reservation and you wish to dissolve the agreement within 7 working days after reservation, you will be reimbursed the amount paid as soon as possible, at the latest within 14 working days.

Article 1a

When you take a cancellation insurance:
Cancellation insurance reimburses the cancellation costs if you cannot make a booked trip due to a serious reason, such as an accident, illness or death of family members in the first or second degree.

  •  The insurance policy also covers the risk that the ship you are sailing on can no longer sail due to a fire or explosion.
  •  If the entire trip is cancelled, the part of the travel sum that is due will be reimbursed. If the trip is interrupted or cut short, you will receive a pro rata reimbursement.
  •  It is not possible to take out cancellation insurance within 28 days before departure, unless the insurance is taken out directly during the booking process.
  •  If you are going to travel with a group of more than ten people, you have the option to take out group cancellation insurance. The cost of any cancellation due to the death of a member of the travel group will then be covered. This option also covers the costs of any cancellation due to a (life-threatening) illness or death of any member of the travel group.

Article 2

The rental company shall supply the hired vessel tot the hirer at the start of the hire period. The vessel shall be in a good state of repair and fit to serve its intended purpose.

Article 3

The hirer shall use the hired vessel with all due care, as befits a good skipper, and in accordance with its intended purpose. The hirer shall refrain from introducing changes to the hired vessel. The hirer shall not relinquish the use of the hired vessel tot any third parties, neither in whole nor in part, without the rental company’s written permission.

Article 4

At the end of the hire period, the hirer shall return the hired vessel to the rental company at the agreed time and place, and in the same state it was in when the hirer collected it.

Article 5

All the expenses pertaining to keeping and sailing the hired vessel, such as harbour dues, bridge money, quay age, lockage, dock dues and the costs of fuel and lighting shall be for the hirer’s account.

Article 6

Except in the event of damage or loss as referred to in Article 7, the costs of regular maintenance and repairs shall be borne by the rental company. The hirer shall require the rental company’s approval for having repairs performed in excess of € 50,-. The rental company shall reimburse the hirer for the costs of repairs upon the latter’s submission of itemized invoices.

Article 7

The hirer shall be liable for any damage to or loss of the hired vessel to the extent that the same is not covered by any insurance and if such damage or loss occurs during the period in which the hirer has possession of the hired vessel, without prejudice to the provisions set forth above in Article 6, unless the hirer can prove that said damage or loss cannot be attributed to himself or one of his crew members or passengers. The rental company cannot be held liable for any physical injury (accident), theft or missing private property.

Article 8

The hirer shall forthwith notify the rental company of any damage-causing circumstance that the insurer might have to know. The hirer shall observe any instructions provided by the rental company.

Article 9

If the rental company fails to comply with its obligations under this contract, the hirer may, without judicial intervention being required, consider the contract dissolved in which case the rental company shall immediately proceed to reimburse the hirer for all the payments already effected by the latter, who shall retain the right to claim compensation for any and all damage, costs and interest incurred. This shall not apply if an alternative can be offered which is acceptable to both parties and does not entail a higher price.

Article 10

The hirer shall be in default if he has not paid the hire on the due date or fails to fulfill his obligations under this contract. In the event of such default on the part of the part of the hirer, the rental company may, without judicial intervention being required and in addition to claiming fulfillment and/or damages, consider the contract dissolves and repossess the hired vessel immediately.

Article 11

If the hirer returns the hired vessel to the agreed place later than on the agreed time, the rental company may claim damages. This is € 50,00 pro hour that the vessel is not in de home-harbour.

Article 12

If the vessel is hired including a crew, such shall be evident from an initialed note on both copies of the contract. The names, quality and legal position of the crew shall be further agreed in writing. As far as navigation is concerned, the hirer shall recognize the skipper as captain of the vessel within the meaning of the law.

Article 13

Any complaints about the company that provides the pleasure boat must be submitted in writing to said company within one month after the complaint arose. If it proves impossible to settle the issue amicably, the complainant may file a written request for arbitration to the disputes panel for recreational issues of ANWB / CONSUMENTENBOND / RECRON, c/o Surinamestraat 4, 2585 GJ The Hague, the Netherlands. Decisions by this panel shall have binding force. The disputes panel shall not hear complaints regarding death or physical injury.

The committee does not deal with complaints about death or physical injury.